Celestial Sea Acupuncture


imageHello my name is Tamara.  I became interested in Chinese Medicine over 25 years ago while living in Portland, Oregon.  At the time there were very few programs in the US that offered a certificate in Chinese Medicine.  There have been many detours and adventures along the way >>> but upon completing my Independent Bachelor Arts in Comparative Literature and Post-Colonial Studies from Goddard College in Vermont, I recalled my ambition to achieve a Master's in Chinese Medicine.

After graduating from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, North Carolina I moved to the Triangle area, further fulfilled my dream by becoming a licensed acupuncturist, and started a private practice here at my home in Hillsborough.  What began initially as a quest for healing and self-realization, has lead me on an amazing adventure of spiritual discovery and renewal.  I am now certain that this healing journey and it's outcome were written as part of my destiny.

What I love most about being a certified practitioner of Chinese Medicine, is that it allows me to focus on the overall health of each individual from a complete and holistic perspective.  This broad approach takes into consideration, not just the manifest symptoms: but factors such as lifestyle, diet, routine, sleeping habits, illness, and injuries; and allows me treat the body, heart, emotions, and spirit as a whole inter-connected being.  I look forward to meeting you, sharing our experiences, and working together to cultivate the harmonized state of health and well being you deserve!