SoCal Acupuncture Fertility Thermal Imaging

Yaseng Yann, L.Ac

Imagine a space where the moment one enters, half the stress is gone, and half the healing is achieved. This soothing, quiet, clean and friendly space allows for a mini-vacation from the stresses and tensions of Life. The attentive listening, and hands-on touch therapy along with acupuncture, leaves one with an inner calm yet energized.

Come into that space at SoCal Acupuncture in Seal Beach, CA. Recharge, restore with each visit. Welcome.

Your health will thrive here with our empathic Acupuncturist and Clinical Thermographer. Come for the pampering Chinese medicine services. Come for preventive thermal health screenings. Come for someone to listen and empathize.

Let's meet soon. Visit our website, Facebook and Yelp pages "SoCal Acupuncture" and our instagram posts as "SoCalAcupunk". Your health is a journey. Sticking to your health!