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This feature is exclusive to our Basic and Marketing packages.

STEP 1: Click the Name of the Page Where You Want to Add a YouTube Video

STEP 2: Click the "Add a Video" Button at the Bottom of the Page

STEP 3: Go to YouTube.com and Copy the URL of the Video You Want to Embed

Open a new browser window, and find the video on YouTube.com that you want to embed. Then COPY (CTRL+C) the URL of the video.

STEP 4: Paste the YouTube URL

Go back to the browser with your Control Panel, and PASTE (CTRL+V) the URL into the YouTube URL box. Then click "Add This Video".

STEP 5: Save Your Changes

The video will appear as a big ugly yellow box. Don't worry about this - your Website will show the actual YouTube video. Just click "Save Changes", and you're done!

The Result

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